About Us

Sunshine Park was inspired and founded by designer Hoda Soliman. This Toronto born fashionista wanted to emulate her city's vibe with a bright and colourful clothing line.  She used happiness as a way to bring light to women’s lives.  She incorporated custom colours and trendy styles, so that every woman could find that perfect outfit. Her loungewear speaks energy and vibrancy with electric colours that immediately gives you that feeling of happiness. Focusing on premium quality and sewing techniques, Hoda has mastered the style and custom techniques found in all her clothing. Influenced by colours and Toronto’s city life, she wanted a line that would instantly make you feel happy and bright.  Hoda’s organic growth and love of Sunshine Park clothing brand has been carefully thought out. This happy clothing line has been marked as Canada’s happiest clothing brand and runs true to the core. Get your happiness on with Sunshine Park clothing brand. Smile and stay beautiful!